Sunday, 15 April 2012


Hey guys!! huhu ari nie yuie bru jew nk update blog nie haa...lme jgak laa xupdate blog..
apew da jadi laa ngan blog yuie nie..sikit jew yuie update..yewlaa kan yuie nie bukanlah
jenis yang ske sngt nk tulis citer bnyak2..cma nk share jew apew yg yuie rse skang nie..
Rse apew yew yuie???huhuhu HAPPY laa!!!! apew laa yuie happy sngt tue yew..haha
Now yuie nk update about IF ONE DAY..........:p 


If One Day..
If one day you feel like crying
Call me.....
I don't promise.....
that I will make you laugh.
But I can cry with you..

If one day you want to run away.
Don't be afraid to call me..
I don't promise...
to ask you to stop.
But I can run with you

If one day you don't want to listen to anyone
Call me....
I promise to be there for you.
And I promise to be very quiet

But if one day you call me....
And there is no answer.
Come fast to see me.
Perhaps I need you


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